Simplify and Unify the Management of Identity Risk for Payments Today and Tomorrow

October 20, 2015

As consumers, we’re using our mobile devices for more payment transactions than ever before. Whether paying with a digital wallet or via an app, it’s becoming more routine to pay for our groceries with a touch of a finger, shop and pay for gifts online, open a new financial account, transfer funds, and pay both our bills and our friends with an ease previous generations couldn’t have imagined. Likewise, mCommerce and in-app purchases continue to skyrocket for the sheer ease and convenience they afford. As organizations endeavor to provide the experience consumers desire, they must determine the best way to authenticate the user at the other end of the digital relationship and employ the appropriate risk mitigation strategy for any given transaction.

Managing identity risk for payments while controlling operational costs is growing in complexity. This creates a need to support and protect customers over an ever increasing number of payment channels and devices. In an effort to utilize multiple authentication methods for best practice layered security, organizations are faced with resource-intensive implementations and the need to manage disconnected solutions and risk, creating a disjointed user experience.

Recognizing this challenge, Early Warning has simplified and unified the implementation and management of authentication solutions to help organizations improve and evolve their payments risk management strategies. Now, through the Authentify® Platform, organizations can control multiple authentication processes with just one interface. They can access and turn on all capabilities as needed through a single API.

Through this platform, organizations can access a host of authentication capabilities, from Mobile Network Operator intelligence to biometric techniques to behavioral authentication and more. They are able to completely eliminate the implementation projects typically required and bring the latest authenticators to market much faster than ever before.

The Authentify Platform does not just lighten the burden for an organization; consumers can more seamlessly create and activate new accounts, login, verify transactions, and initiate payments online as well as through a mobile wallet or app.

Intelligent data sharing through Early Warning’s consortium model also distinguishes the Authentify Platform. Through industry collaboration, all involved parties can better understand and more quickly validate the end user. It is through shared intelligence that the industry can gain a significant advantage to improve risk management while delivering the ease and speed customers expect.

While the technology of authentication has become more multi-faceted and complex, innovation and the evolution of this technology can also be the answer to streamlining authentication. Early Warning’s Authentify Platform will enable organizations to optimize their risk management and reduce resource involvement: with one implementation, access to multiple authenticators, and the ability to manage authentication strategies through one interface, they can more thoroughly protect themselves and their customers.

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About the Author:

Peter Tapling is vice president for Early Warning’s Authentication Solutions.

Tapling joined Early Warning in 2015 following the company’s acquisition of Authentify, a firm he founded in 1999 and for which he served as CEO. In his expanded role, Tapling is responsible for leading Early Warning’s Authentication Solutions product line.

Prior to establishing Authentify, Tapling provided executive leadership on behalf of an array of entrepreneurial start-ups. He was the director of sales for Aurigin Systems, which was later acquired by MicroPatent. He also previously served as vice president of Strategic Development for NetDox as well as president of IDMetrix, a NetDox subsidiary.

Tapling serves on the Advisory Council for the Payments Innovation Alliance and the ISMG Advisory Board. He is a participant in the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group created as part of the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace and the Federal Reserve Secure Payments Task Force. Tapling is past co-chair of the Mobile Working Group for the NACHA Internet Council. Mr. Tapling is a frequent speaker on the topics of authentication, risk management and identity theft. He is a co-author of the book “Mastering the Fraud Tsunami”.

Tapling is on the board of advisors to the Dean of the College of Applied Science and Technology and is chairman emeritus of the Business and Industry Advisor Council for the School of Information Technology at Illinois State University. Mr. Tapling also serves as a director of the Illinois Information Technology Association and is a mentor and instructor for the Founders’ Institute.

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